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FIM syncs passwords for pipeline and various network services on campus. Generally on the internet it is a bad idea to use one password across multiple sites. For instance your Gmail account, Online banking account, and your Amazon account all sharing a username and password. This policy is usually because if one of these accounts is hacked or breached then the other accounts are susceptible to being compromised as well. FIM however doesn’t pose the same risks because the accounts are held by the same entity. Pipeline and Network accounts already exist on Butler Community College servers FIM just ties them together to make usability and account maintenance easier.

On top of the usability FIM does not store passwords. The same security features that have always existed on each system are still in place. FIM just syncs them when you reset or change a password and then forgets them. Starting with FIM registration you will use your current username and password to select and answer security questions similar to what pipeline has on first login. From that point forward when you use FIM to reset your password it only compares what you enter for your username to usernames that are already set in the system and gets what amounts to a yes or no on whether they match. If given a yes to the username challenge it allows you to answer some of the questions you setup when you registered with FIM. It then uses your answers to those questions to get similar yes or no answers as they pertain to each question. If you pass both steps it gives you the ability to change your password through a simple web dialog.

A complete How To will become available shortly before full scale roll out on campus.

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