How do I setup my phone to receive email

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Student Office 365 Email Setup

For iPhone (for Student Email)

  1. open the Settings app
  2. scroll down to and click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Under "Accounts" select "Add Account"
  4. Select "Exchange"
  5. Enter in your Butler Email in the "Email" box (your pipeline/canvas username with "" at the end)
  6. the "Description" box should be filled automatically after that with "Exchange" (If not, check office support link below)
  7. In the "Password" box, enter your pipeline/canvas password
  8. Press next, should verify that your information is compatible
  9. Choose which apps you'd like your email to pull info from, generally just leave it how it is
  10. Press save
  11. Press home button to return to home screen
  12. Open the Mail app
  13. Check your Exchange email

If these steps did not work, check the office support link below.

Please following the link below to access Microsoft's Office 365 Mobile Device Setup instructions.

For Android (for Student Email)

Please visit Set up email on an Android phone or tablet and click on "Set up work or school email accounts that use Office 365".


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