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These instructions are for how to setup Jabber on your preferred devices.


Jabber for Windows Client Setup

Note user must be setup in Call Manager first, please check with the Unified Communications Administrator before proceeding

  1. Install Jabber for Windows located on Support Files\Cisco Jabber
  2. Launch Jabber
  3. Click on Advanced Settings located below the Sign In button
  4. Select Cisco IM & Presence
  5. Select Use the Following Server under Login Server
  6. Enter the following information
    • Server Address: CIMP01
  7. Click Save
  8. Enter your network username and password
  9. Place a check in Sign me in when Jabber starts
  10. Click Sign in
  11. Click on the monitor with the phone in the middle of the screen located in the bottom right hand corner
  12. Click on use my phone for calls and select your phone
  13. Your Jabber setup is now complete

Jabber Calendar Settings

  1. Launch Internet Explore
  2. Go to Cisco Instant Message and Presence Server Address (obtain this from the Help Desk or Unified Communications Administrator)
  3. Under User Application Click on:
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence User Options
  4. When "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" appears click on "Continue to this website (not recommended.)"
  5. Log in using Network Username and Password
  6. Upper Left hand corner click on User Opitions
    • Preferences
  7. Under Calendar settings change:
    • Include Calendar information in my Presence Status* OFF
    • Include Calendar information in my Presence Status* ON
  8. Save and Close Internet Explorer

Jabber Chat for Linux

  1. Install Pidgin with the package management service for the distribution of linux being used.
  2. Create an account using the following:
    Protocol - XMPP
    Screen Name - Network Username
    Domain -
    Password - Network Password
    Under the advanced tab:
    Connect server - Cimp01
  3. User should be able to now login and chat to other Jabber users.


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