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Some emails may be missing due to the automatic filtering built in to outlook or OWA. This tutorial will explain how to configure Outlook/OWA to keep all email addresses ending in "@butlercc.edu" out of the junk folder for your mail box.

Outlook Configuration

  1. Open Outlook so that your inbox is displayed.
    Outlook junk01.png
  2. Click on the drop down labeled "Junk" in the ribbon
  3. Select the last option in the drop down called "Junk E-mail Options..."
  4. The below dialog should appear.
    Outlook junk02.png
  5. Select the "Safe Senders" tab at the top of the dialog.
    Outlook junk03.png
  6. Select Add and the below dialog should appear.
    Outlook junk04.png
  7. Fill the text box with "@butlercc.edu".
  8. Click OK.
  9. Select OK on the "Safe Senders" dialog and it should close returning you to your inbox.

Your Outlook is now configured to filter block butler email addresses.

OWA Configuration

  1. Login to OWA so that your inbox is displayed in your browser.
    Owa junk01.png
  2. In the upper right select "Options" and then "See all Options..."
    Owa junk02.png
  3. On the options page on the left side select the bottom option labeled "Block or Allow".
    Owa junk03.png
    Owa junk04.png
  4. In the text box enter "@butlercc.edu" and press the green cross to add it to the list.
    Owa junk05.png
  5. Finally select save in the lower right hand corner.

Your Outlook is now configured to not filter butler email addresses.


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